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Megan Spires - 8th in weight class
Leah Dominguez - 5th in weight class
Maci Garrett - 1st in weight class
Kalyn Warren - 3rd in weight class
Kate Ramirez - 3rd in weight class
Nautica Mills - 3rd in weight class
Angelina Salgado - 5th in weight class

Matt Rosas - 4th in weight class
Cole Purcell - 9th in weight class
Jesse Putnam - 6th in weight class
Mack Payne - 2nd in weight class
Jalen Ramirez - 2nd in weight class
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Wink Welding Class Builds BBQ Pit - Headed for Competition in Lubbock (L-R): Cary Hannsz, Kaden Crofts, Noah Marsh, Stacy Hill, Brody Ward

The Wink High School CTE (Career Technology Education) welding classes recently completed a firepit that will be auctioned off to benefit the Texas Hawking Association. The firepit was purchased by Raymond Jones from Midland, Texas. The THA held their annual field meet in Lubbock, Texas the week of January 16-20. The firepit was one of the items auctioned off at the banquet as a fundraiser.
Welding instructor Cary D. Hannsz designed the pit. This is the eighth pit completed by Wink students. The firepit is for students who are in Intermediate to Advanced Welding and involves advanced cutting and welding skills to complete the build.
(L-R): Cary Hannsz, Kaden Crofts, Noah Marsh, Stacy Hill, Brody Ward
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