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The Wildcat Way!

From Shari Snyder:
This morning I was sincerely moved by the actions of three of our WLISD Elementary students. They were on their way to class from P.E. when they saw the flagpole line snap in front of the Administration Office. One of the boys came in my office and frantically asked for help. Our Texas flag, the USA flag, and the Wildcat flag were lying on to the ground. When I went outside, the three boys were holding each large flag up off the ground and the flags were still attached to the pole. They were so concerned for the flags and made sure they were not touching the ground in any way. On top of that, they were so polite, well mannered, and caring. In the current times of our Country, this was refreshing and meant so much to me. I could hardly talk when I shared the story with Mr. Carman and Mr. Wineinger. Parents, principals, coaches, and teachers, please keep teaching the core values and respect for our great country. As I witnessed today, you are doing a fantastic job. Well done, Gunner Voyles, Cooper Ratliff, and Hadley Brown! You deserve a gold star!
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