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Attention: WLISD Community

In case you are not already aware, there are posts on TikTok stating that on Friday, Dec. 17, there is a challenge to call in bomb threats, threats of violence, etc., at schools in the United States. These TikToK posts did not originate from our area.
We want to make it very clear that Wink-Loving ISD will not tolerate this type of behavior at all. WLISD is committed to maintaining a learning environment that is safe and productive, and those who are caught participating in any of these threats will be given the appropriate consequences, which could include criminal charges.
Social media is a powerful tool often used to influence others, and not always for good. It is always important to remain vigilant when it involves these types of threats. Please take time to talk to your students about the influence of social media and the potential consequences of engaging in this type of behavior. We must take every threat seriously, and students face the possibility of suspension or expulsion and possible legal consequences for making threats.

Wink-Loving ISD wants to make sure that students, parents, and community members understand they play an essential role in informing district administration of any threat made to the schools, students, or staff. "If you see something, say something!" is a vital part of a national effort to keep not only our schools but our nation safe.

Again, we want to thank the students, parents, and community members for your partnership in keeping our schools safe. We all have a role in keeping our students and community safe.
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