Hello! My name is Christina Guynes and this will be my 16th year teaching, and my 5th year here at Wink! I am excited to continue to be a part of the Wildcat Family! I have 3 children, my two older ones are currently in college (UTA and Texas Tech) and my youngest, Hunter, will be in the 8th grade next year.   
I love Wink, and I especially love the students! I want the students to feel safe and happy, as well as get a great education. Feel free to send me an email if you have any questions. 
Grading Guidelines (This is from the student handbook):  Grading guidelines for each grade level or course will be communicated and distributed to students and their parents by the classroom teacher.   These guidelines have been reviewed by each applicable curriculum department and have been approved by the campus principal. These guidelines establish the minimum number of assignments, projects, and examinations required for each grading period. In addition, these guidelines establish how the student’s mastery of concepts and achievement will be communicated (i.e., letter grades, numerical averages, checklist of required skills, etc.). Grading guidelines also outline in what circumstances a student will be allowed to redo an assignment or retake an examination for which the student originally made a failing grade. Procedures for a student to follow after an absence will also be addressed.
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