3rd Grade Reading and Language Arts

Class Rules
Come to class prepared. Bring all materials to class with you, including your library book, everyday.
Have a good attitude and be ready to work.
Treat others the way you would like to be treated.
To Contact me:
My conference period is 1:00-2:00, Monday through Friday. 
My phone number is 527-3880 ext. 8045. 
I also may be reached by email at: mwillmon@wlisd.net
Daily Homework
We will have spelling words every week, with a test on Thursday and a re-test on Friday. Students will have their words copied in their daily planner for them to study. I leave it up to the student and the parents to decide the best way for their child to study. For example - some students write the words several times each evening. Others use the spelling bee approach.
In addition, students will be required to read for 30 minutes every evening. They may do this silently or out loud. The 30 minutes may be broken into 10 or 15 minute intervals. This reading time is very important as it develops the child's fluency and reading ability. They may choose any book that they like to read on their reading level. If they read every evening, they should be able to take an AR test every week. This will accumulate points which can be used in the AR Store at various times throughout the school year.
Occasionally, unfinished classwork or make-up work will be sent home.
I coach 3rd and 4th grade UIL Spelling and 3rd Grade Redi-Writing.