About Me

My name is Veronica Arellano or as you may hear students call me, Ms. A!


I am a West Texas girl from a small town by the name of Petersburg, you would not know where it is unless you are going there, it is in the middle of nowhere! I loved being from a small town because my teachers there were able to watch me grow. I sometimes had the same teachers from elementary in middle school, then I would see them again on my schedule for high school. Small towns are amazing! 


Once I graduated from high school I went on to South Plains College in Levelland, TX and graduated there with an Associates in Science. Immediately after I transferred to Texas Tech University and received my Bachelors in Multidisciplinary Science with a minor in Education. 


I am starting my 5th year teaching with this being my 4th year as a junior high teacher. This will be my first year as the cheer coach here and I'm so excited to be able to learn all about cheer!

My husband is a coach/history teacher here, I also have a daughter in the 9th grade and a son in 5th grade.