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Dear Wink-Loving ISD Community:

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to Wink-Loving Independent School District—one of the premier school districts in the state of Texas. The Wink-Loving ISD has a long-standing tradition of excellence. At WLISD we strive daily to realize our vision of being The Best in Texas! Our 2015-2016 district-wide emphasis aligns with our vision as follows:

  1. WLISD is Committed to Loving All of Our Students
  2. WLISD is Committed to Coaching All of Our Students Toward Success
  3. WLISD is Committed to Expecting a Lot from All of Our Students
WLISD believes that when students know they are loved and cared for, they will naturally rise to the occasion. WLISD believes that “coaching our students up” and expecting a lot from each of them is an outward expression of care and love. In essence, WLISD expects a lot from all of our students because we love and care for them equally. With this belief, I’m proud to announce that WLISD’s staff and students continue to set the bar for Regional and State-Wide Academic Excellence. WLISD just received special acknowledgment from the Texas Education Agency (TEA) regarding Outstanding Academic Achievement as follows:

Wink-Loving High/Junior High School

  • 2015 UIL State Lone Star Cup Top 5 Finish;
  • 2015 Community & Student Engagement Rating of Exemplary (Top 30% in State);
  • 2014 Distinction Earned: Academic Achievement in Reading/ELA;
  • 2014 Distinction Earned: Academic Achievement in Mathematics;
  • 2014 Distinction Earned: Academic Achievement in Science;
  • 2014 Distinction Earned: Academic Achievement in Post-secondary Readiness;
  • 2014 System Safeguards Report: 23 out of 23 = 100%;
  • 2014 Accountability Summary & Rating—Met Standard (TEA’s Highest);
  • 2013 Distinction Designation Summary—Top 25% In Student Progress
Wink-Loving Elementary School

  • TEA High Progress Rewards School Recognition;
  • Title I school in the top 25% in annual improvement; and/or
  • Schools in the top 25% of those demonstrating ability to close performance gaps;
  • 2014 System Safeguards Report: 17 out of 18 = 94%
WLISD’s past, present and future tradition is possible due to the overwhelming community-wide support and an expectation that all students will achieve success in WLISD. Wink-Loving ISD truly is “the heartbeat” of our proud community. We are excited that you have chosen to give us the opportunity to educate your child. Together we are confident that we will instill in our students a commitment to academic distinction, storied tradition of excellence, commitment to hard work, focus on strong family values, and Wildcat Pride.

As your superintendent, I am committed to continuing the Wildcat culture of trust and collaboration as I work in partnership with the board of trustees and stakeholders. You can expect me to communicate with transparency, be visible, maintain an open-door policy, and make decisions based on “what is best for all students.” Your involvement and participation in our future is critically important. We look forward to meeting you, developing a relationship with you, and working with you as an educational partner in The Wildcat Nation!


Dewitt Smith

Dewitt Smith, Ed.D.
Superintendent of Schools
Wink-Loving Independent School District
Committed to Excellence!
Dr. Dewitt Smith
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